Hotel Chocolat will now deliver chocolate to your door every month

By Claire Schofield
Friday, 23rd October 2020, 9:13 am
Updated Friday, 23rd October 2020, 9:13 am

Chocolate aficionados can now indulge in a variety of tasty treats every month thanks to Hotel Chocolat’s new subscription service.

The Tasting Club gives subscribers the chance to have a hand-picked collection of chocolates delivered straight to their door, with the selection changing each month.

It also gives chocolate fans the opportunity to try new inventions before they launch in stores.

A monthly curated collection

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    The subscription service allows you to choose your favourite chocolate genre - Mellow, Dark and High-Cacao, Tipsy or Everything.

    Options range from silk-smooth drinking chocolate, to carefully curated collections of chocolate, with prices starting from £13 per month.

    Here’s an overview of what is included in each subscription package:

    High Cacao Curated Collection

    This includes recipes that celebrate the cacao, meaning it mostly comprises dark chocolate, with the occasional intensely deep and satisfying Supermilk, for good measure.

    Cost: £25 per month

    Tipsy Curated Collection

    This collection is comprised of chocolates made with a generous measure of premium alcohol, including a miniature from Hotel Chocolat’s own alcohol range, plus one or two recipes curated to complement a bottle of your own.

    Cost: £25 per month

    Mellow Curated Collection

    Indulge in an array of creamy milk, white and caramel-milk recipes in this collection, with no dark chocolate or alcohol-infused recipes included.

    Cost: £25 per month

    Everything Curated Collection

    Ideal if you love all tastes, this collection consists of a little bit of all genres, from mellow to dark, to something boozy.

    Cost: £25 per month

    Sleekster Subscription

    Get your favourite chocolate box delivered as often as you like, with the option to choose from some of the most celebrated recipes in Hotel Chocolat’s entire collection.

    The box is available in six different genres, including milk, caramel, dark, fruity, tipsy, patisserie, or a bit of everything.

    Cost: £22.95 per month

    Velvetiser Refill Subscription

    One for fans of hot chocolate, this subscription will ensure your supply of Velvetiser single-serves drinking chocolate never runs out.

    Simply choose your favourite recipe and how many boxes you’ll need, and you can get them delivered with free standard delivery.

    Cost: £13 per month

    The Inventing Room

    This new, limited-membership monthly subscription allows you to taste and review the latest Hotel Chocolat recipes before they’ve even been named, or run past the Marketing team.

    This can include filled chocolates, biscuits, brownies and new alcohol recipes, and will allow subscribers exclusive access to virtual tasting events to help shape the future of chocolate ranges.

    Cost: £30 per month

    For more information on the subscriptions on offer, visit