First News: Biggest bug hotel

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The world's largest insect hotel has been built at Highland Titles Nature Reserve in Duror, Scotland.

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The huge creation was built by a team of seven over the course of six months and measures an impressive 199.9 cubic metres.

The structure features felled Sitka spruce trees from an old forest plantation that wasn't good for biodiversity, as well as bamboo canes, bricks, forest bark, wood chippings and strawberry netting.

It's hoped that the hotel will become home to millions of insects such as ants, ladybirds, beetles, bees and butterflies. In turn, this will help to feed lots of other animals on the nature reserve.

Highland Titles Nature Reserve Manager, Stewart Borland, said he was "thrilled" to scoop a new Guinness World Record. He added: "It's a great way of getting the conservation message out there."

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Doug Wilson from Highland Titles said: "Using these same trees for something that puts nature first symbolises that the world has changed, and we hope our efforts will inspire others."


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Little Trooper

by Alisa Doyle

My Dad serves in the Royal Air Force. There are more than 100,000 military children like me who have parents serving in the British Armed Forces.

The picture above shows Alisa and her dad.

Being a military child can be quite different sometimes. My dad goes away for long periods of time and often misses events like birthdays and Christmas.

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He joins in on a video call. We can also communicate by email. It becomes normal, as if we are having a face-to-face conservation. We also use activities from the charity Little Troopers to keep in touch.

In school we have a buddy club for military children where we do fun activities.

The best days are when my dad comes home. We love to rush and hug him so tight, finally a family again.

We love to hear about the adventures he has had!

Alisa's story will be features in the Military Life: Military Children exhibition at the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum from 24 May. The exhibition is run in partnership with the charity Little Troopers.

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