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John Thompson-CampbellJohn Thompson-Campbell
John Thompson-Campbell
Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell casts his eye over your stars for the week ahead...

Aries. This is an emotional week where feelings run deep and are pretty raw. Your partner, or someone whom is closer to you than everyone else is going to be demanding your attention; but you won’t be sure that you want to give it; as in all honesty, you could be having second thoughts about any form of commitment.

Taurus. There are very draining influences around you this week, where it is possible that you will feel very snappy and irritable with others for seemingly no reason. Your mind is going to be flitting from subject to subject, and you will experience changes of mind, confusion and a sense of distrust.

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Gemini .Even with the best of intentions you will find that no matter what you attempt to say for the best of all concerned; others, it will seem to you are simply making your life a lot harder work than it should be. You just want to enjoy an easy life, and everything at times blows up in your face.

Cancer. You are going to have to put more time and energy into your job this week than you actually want to; and the whole effect of this could be that others are slightly wary of approaching you, as they realise that you are a little bit more than touchy, and even temperamental in your reactions.

Leo. I think that you will find this an argumentative week where your friends develop the tendency of disagreeing with most of your viewpoints and seem to criticise your best ideas; which annoys you greatly, and where this should be a brilliantly romantic period; there will be nothing but misunderstandings.

Virgo. This will be a week where you will learn that patience is a virtue and that your life should be lived day by day, and not rushed in the fast lane. You are changing in your ways, and I would say slowing your pace of life a little; but there are some who will try to push you, but that’s their problem and they will have to learn.

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Libra. You are going to try your luck out this week, and will get a bit cheeky with someone whom you believe you have no chance with; and I think you will prove yourself right and get knocked back, putting you in your place, to think again, and where you thought you were forging forward, you are going to be going back to the drawing board and re-writing your plans.

Scorpio. Not only this week, but for the next few you could find life a little tiring, and not at all easy. Your general routine is undergone a slight revamp, as you are going to see room for improvement in your own routine, and what you are really looking for is a sense of “ newness “ in your own life.

Sagittarius. You are going to be in the mood to leave behind the comfort of your television and seek a bit of excitement via a few new faces on the local social scene. Your only problem is in going to be in choosing from various invitations, and not letting the other party down.

Capricorn. Your energy levels are going to be high this week, and you may even find that you behave slightly hyperactively, and even erratically. Later in the week, you will experience a conflict of interests between your own goals and others motivations; where at the end of the day, it’s your own interests that are your priority, no matters what anyone else thinks.

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Aquarius. You are going to begin searching on the internet with an interest in new leisure areas that you have never ever ventured into before. I think that you are coming to the conclusion that there are some things that you are simply never ever going to change, such as working conditions, and the ways of some people; but you can most certainly change many things about yourself ....... And you intend to !

Pisces. Relationships are everything to you this week and over the next few weeks, and emotions will be running deep, as you face up to painful situations, the name of the game is to be open and accepting, as well as caring and willing to share. However, you have a defensive and independent side to you that acts as your shield; and I believe it’s going to be raised high shortly.

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