Worksop will deteriorate with increased charges

One would have thought that the present incumbents of the chains of office, having spent such a long time lecturing the Conservative element of the council on the need to regenerate the town centre during their tenure of office, may have seen that the present level of car park charges is deterring town centre businesses and their customers.

Any measures taken in the intended direction will only exacerbate the situation.

We should I suppose be thankful that we do not have a ruling Junta of the political persuasions of the Chesterfield council where the charges are even levied on the disabled and are much more draconian than are ours.

That said however and as much as I abhor having to agree with Mr Quigley (he is merely re-iterating what was said to him by the opposition when he held the reins of power) the fact remains that increases will not do anything to improve the footfall in the centre of town and I fear the deterioration of what once was one of the best little shopping towns in the area will continue.

A. Parker

(via email)