WORKSOP: What exactly did they fight for?

This weekend I watched the VJ Day commemoration ceremony in London on TV. 
I wondered what David Cameron was thinking when he saw these old heroes who suffered so much to give us a free country, something I feel he is now giving away with his complete lack of response to tackling the country’s problems. 
Is he actually going to stop these illegal immigrants coming into the country and tell them to fight for their own country, like these brave and proud veterans did, and sadly, lost their brothers who fought beside them, and not take the easy way out coming over here?

Also the NHS is virtually in meltdown letting these health tourists cost it millions of pounds a year, when we should be using the funds to ensure comfort and care for these heroes in their final years.

I know some people have come from foreign countries to live here and work hard and integrate with us but there is a certain element who have come here, have been given a home and safety, who thank us by preaching anti-British slogans, supporting IS and other terrorist organisations and no one in the Government has got the guts to throw them out. They just let Brussels and the ridiculous, totally abused Human Rights Act dictate to them. David Cameron promised to replace the Human Rights Act with a Bill of Rights, stop the flow of illegal immigrants into Britain and renegotiate our terms with the EU to stop their ridiculous interference and dictating. What has he done since he has been in power? In my view, NOTHING.

I just wonder what these war veterans think of this country today. What did they fight for?
My late father was in the regiment that first went into Belsen prison camp and my late father-in-law was a Japanese prisoner of war.

I would strongly suggest that the British electorate sit down and think what sort of country they would really like to live in and make their future votes count.

Tony Clayton

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