WORKSOP: Questions to David Cameron on fracking

Request for information under the Freedom of Information Act.

I would be obliged to have the following questions answered under the above Act.

1. Are there any proposals that your government has for awarding licences in those areas of the UK where there is fresh air, so that it can be collected and sent to those areas of the country where the air will become polluted from flaring methane due to shale gas extraction licences?

2. Please list all the advantages which have been given to the shale gas industry eg speeding up planning applications and concessions on local payment of taxes, which have not been given to other forms of fuel production?

3. Please list the licences or potential licences mapped out for shale gas extraction that have been or will be awarded in any of the constituencies of government ministers.

4. Have any indications for licences or awards of licences been given to applicant companies for shale gas extraction, who were present at the Conservative Party fundraising dinner held in a Billingsgate restaurant, prior to the general election of 2015 at which you and other ministers hosted tables?

5. Does the government take into account when awarding shale gas licences the past health and safety record of the company applying?

6. Is the government aware, that in the case of INEOS (the Swiss petrochemical company that it has been indicated will be awarded a licence to frack for shale gas in the North Notts and South Yorks licence areas) national Scottish newspapers have exposed in Scotland a considerable number of breaches and fines under H&S law for this company because of their activity in Grangemouth?

7. Is the government prepared to subsidise the shale gas industry in England?

8. Is the government aware that large amounts of current finance are being provided for fracking in England by TOTAL, the French petrol company, because France has banned fracking?

9. Is the government aware that INEOS wishes to move into English shale gas, because of the moratorium on fracking by the Scottish Government?

I look forward to your reply.

David Larder

Chairman of Bassetlaw Against Fracking