WORKSOP: Keep our paths open for everyone

The Ramblers have a national campaign over the next six months to walk every footpath in England and Wales - and report on the findings.

It’s called the Big Pathwatch. Why is it necessary ?

We have a centuries old network of rights of way that is the envy of the world and is used by millions every day.

But we can’t take it for granted.

We want to find out the current state of our path network, particularly threatened by local authority budget cuts - to find out what makes it great and what stops people in their tracks. We know that our paths connect communities, help people stay healthy, are cherished by walkers and bring money into the economy; so we want to promote it, and find out what problems walkers face. We’ll then work to fix those problems - to make our path network even better.

You don’t have to be a member of the Ramblers to help with this task. Any walker can contribute. On the national Ramblers website there is a map dividing the country into 1 km squares to be ‘adopted’.

People will then walk the footpaths within those squares and make a brief online report.

The more reports the better.

Problems found could be a wonky bridge or a locked gate, crops blocking the path ; a flooded path or fallen tree.

We’re also interested in the things you see - like beautiful views and amazing wildlife. The aim is to keep our paths open for everyone to enjoy.

David Moore

Ramblers Association