WORKSOP: Is it right for law makers to condone law breaking?

I understand the frustration and anger of people being caught by the mobile speed cameras on Farmers Branch. I get it. 
As I commented before, there was no prior warning given by means of road signs that the 40mph limit was to be reduced to 30mph. It happened furtively almost overnight but hey presto the police were out there the next day. 
That is outrageous but for Mr Mann to protest so generally about police cameras he looks like he is actually condoning law breaking which is not very good considering he is a lawmaker as an MP.

If some legal person could advise, as the council did not put up warnings, are those tickets valid? 
For the assertion that Farmers Branch is an accident black spot, this is ridiculous. The problem is the junction of Farmers Branch with the B6045 (Blyth Road). I have seen quite a few near misses there and they stem from two reasons in my opinion: traffic entering the junction coming from Blyth Road to turn right on to Farmers Branch encounter traffic coming from Farmers Branch wanting to turn right in to town, and cars coming from Farmers Branch to the junction simply approach it too quickly - they seem to want to “chance it” with cars coming from the hospital direction and that is a major source of the accidents I think. Maybe a better solution would be to have a roundabout. That would sort out the traffic tangle and make people slow down at the roundabout.

Now, if you really want to see speeding cars then go to the junction of Thievesdale Lane and Blyth Road, the junction that has two ways on to/from Blyth Road. Coming down the hill on Blyth Road is a 30mph limit sign. Does it make any difference to some motorists? Not at all. Police, that’s where you need to be because either side of Blyth Road there are two fields which are used by kids and dog walkers amongst others. Also we have traffic speeding down the hill from town. Notts County Council, why don’t you put large 30mph signs that make it obvious what the limit is? What you actually did was to replace the small 40mph signs with equally small 30mph signs. Start making sensible decisions for safety and less about generating income from unsuspecting motorists.

I am not going to hold my breath as it was 13 years before a pelican crossing I was told was not necessary on Thievesdale Lane was actually put in...

Mike Hall