WORKSOP: I welcome Farmer’s Branch speed cameras

I am a resident on Thievesdale Lane that runs directly from Farmers Branch and welcome the speed camera. 
1,200 motorists caught speeding in one year is a very low amount. There is probably that amount of cars using Farmers Branch/Thievesdale Lane every two days and most of them are speeding. Unfortunately the camera only operates very occasionally and never after 5pm otherwise that figure would be much higher. 
 I can also correct Mr Slade, who seems to think there have been no accidents; January 1 2014 - New Year’s Eve around 1am, a car left the road on Farmers Branch and hit a lamp post. The lamp post which had to be replaced was the only thing that prevented the car crashing into a private back garden.

Accident black spot or not it is a residential area used by cyclists, pedestrians, old people, buses and children commuting to and from school. The highway code also clearly states that a 30mph speed limit applies on a road with street lights unless signed otherwise. It is the responsibility of all motorists to know the highway code. MP, Mr Mann with his comments has also revealed that he is unfamiliar with the highway code and has little concern for residents in this area. There are big 30mph gateway signs to be seen on both sides of the road leading into Worksop. For obvious reasons the traffic laws on this road need to be enforced. If you were hit by a car doing 30mph it would hurt, if that car was doing 35mph it would probably kill you. 
Law enforcement is the difference between life and death and I’d like to see more of it in all residential areas of Worksop. 
If motorists are worried about the police taking their money then all they have to do is drive according to the highway code.


Thievesdale Lane, Worksop