WORKSOP: Drinking teenagers welcome but no dogs

The above order comes into force on September 1, and you have to have access to a computer to find out the details.

According to the website, the decisions have been made following consultation... with whom?

One of the areas where dogs are to be excluded is the ‘multi-use games area at the back of Raymoth Lane’.

This is a big area , popular with dog walkers allowing you to play ball games with your dog.

Yes there is a children’s play area, but this is fenced off from the rest of the field and the only dog I have ever seen inside there was with an adult with a child.

The big football pitches area, only two are actually marked out is unused for huge parts of the day and is the only open space available for dog owners with no transport or who are elderly. The latter group also have no seat available as these apparently were removed when the play area was rebuilt so it is impossible to sit and enjoy the sunshine or watch the ‘multi-games.’
The multi-games area is popular with drinking teenagers , many of whom are underage, who leave litter everywhere but apparently this is what the general public prefer rather than the responsible dog owners, many of whom are elderly, exercising themselves and their dogs and who, apart from a well known minority, clean up after their dogs.

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