Worksop does not want disabled

WITH regards to your un-named reader whose letter appeared in the Worksop Guardian on November 11th 2011 about Worksop market. Have they ever heard of Retford where Bassetlaw Council spent thousands refurbishing the market square recently?

The market stalls were moved into the pedestrian area on a temporary basis whilst work was done and in that time five major shops closed down plus a couple of little shops.

The market traders couldn’t get back to the square fast enough and now the market is busier than ever and the precinct is more crowded than when the market stalls were there.

With regards to the cars down Bridge Street in Worksop, why are they there? You rarely see a car in Retford precinct, why, because there is ample parking facilities all around the pedestrian area. Where is the parking in Worksop? There is no street parking for the disabled and very few spaces in the car parks at the top of town. There are also four sets of public toilets around the pedestrian area in Retford, including disabled, where are Worksops’? Worksop does not want disabled people in the town. Other towns have key operated toilets for the disabled available 24 hours a day, not locked away behind steel shutters after 4.30pm!

As a disabled person, I used to visit Worksop quite a lot, now I cannot visit the market at all and can only visit the shops on three days of the week. I have also had to change my visits to the doctors from Friday to Monday so that I can get my prescription from Boots which I have used for the last 40 years.

If everyone who can use the precinct in cars were to use it properly there would be no danger to anyone.