WORKSOP: Backdrop to flowers is a sea of weeds

In the Guardian recently, there was an article about recognition for parks.
It is a pity our MP, county councillors, councillors, planners and conservation officers cannot get something done about the gateway to Mr Straw’s conservation area. I feel there has been a half-hearted attempt at planting some flower beds. 
The backdrop to the flower beds is a sea of weeds. The front of the college is an eyesore, especially given that the trees were cut down prior to the supposed Tesco development taking place. The college stone wall is covered up with a wooden fence. How can this happen in a conservation area?
The Tesco site is even worse, why did our planners allow the development to start before all the issues were resolved? Why were so many trees cut down before the issues were resolved? Given that the Tesco development is not taking place, what contingency did the council put in place if the development did not take place? If the development had taken place new trees were to be planted.

Perhaps some of the above could advise how this occurred and what they intend to do about it.


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