Workers need our support

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I write as a concerned citizen but also the wife of a member of the ambulance service.

Have the powers that be considered their staff in this proposal at all? Not all families have two cars so any local member may struggle getting to work as they can no longer walk or cycle if they have to travel to Mansfield. This could also present child care problems as they will have to allow for travelling to and from work. They already work 12 hour shifts, providing they finish on time, so it will make it even longer! Will they get extra money for this?

When they get to Mansfield is there going to be sufficient parking places for all these cars of people travelling to work from the various places? I know that many crews are called to back up in Mansfield on a regular basis leaving the Worksop and Retford area without a crew on at all, if they are based over there, there will be a greater chance they will never even get over this way to give cover in the first place.

The crews are run ragged daily as overtime is cut back and this decision is leaving them feeling even more demoralised. Come on someone please think about the effect this could have it could lead to loss of lives, I acknowledge money needs saving but this is a step too far, amalgamate some stations but not to lose such a high number.

Another point to raise, how much will it cost to provide and run these spokes/standby points they will still need heating and electricity as well as building and the extra fuel going to and from?

These ambulance workers are a group of hard working, sometimes underrated personnel. Give them the support they deserve! There is an E-petition that can be signed online ( if you have any objections to this proposal.

A concerned wife and

local resident