Workers are having to suffer cuts

As a full time self-employed single male living alone, my income has been severely reduced as a result of the recession and I’m stuck in a rut until the economy improves.

As a result I’m entitled to a reduction in Council Tax. The last thing I need right now is to have to pay more out of my income. I couldn’t afford to keep warm last winter so by the time the energy companies have introduced the expected 10 per cent increase in fuel costs and the council have reduced my entitlement, I’ll be well and truly stuffed.

By introducing this cut Cameron has broken his promise that no-one in full time work will be any worse off. Yet another bare faced lie he sprouted to mislead the public.

I also think it’s disgusting that the rich enjoy his tax breaks whilst the poorest are yet again having to find more money because of the tax increases imposed by this two-faced millionaire who has never been in touch with the real world.

Apparently, it’s up to Bassetlaw Council exactly who the cuts are targeted at and wether or not they simply impose the cuts or find some money to offset the government reduction. Do you intend to interview BDC about their intended actions regarding this?

I. G.

(via email)