Work with us, not against us

The Government is always going on about getting people off the dole queue and back to work.

I’m a single, aged white male with no children and was laid off at the beginning of December last year.

As the social security benefit office left me with no money all over Xmas and New Year, I took a job at a local distribution warehouse and was given a temporary 25 hour contract earning me approximately £180 per week.

I live on my own in private rented accommodation which costs me £400 per month. Knowing that I was on low income I was advised to apply for rent rebate as my rent and council tax took up two thirds of my wages. To my surprise, I was turned down saying I wasn’t entitled to any because I earned too much, even though the council website has a calculator on it to work out if your entitled to any.

After appealing I was offered £2 per week for rent and none for council tax. So I was told to apply for a hardship allowance from the council to help me out. I went up to see someone, handed my forms in and the documentation they required and she said I could be entitled to as much as £30 per week, but this depends on the supervisors decision which was brilliant I could start paying bills and start living again.

Then to my disgust I received a letter from the council and as I only gave them a copy of money going in and out of my account and my balance and not all the exact details of all my bank account transaction I couldn’t get any money.

If you have to tell the council every penny you spend just to get a helping hand is it worth working? To the council if you want people to work you have to work with them.


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