Why isn’t road swept?

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will somebody from Derbyshire County Council or Bolsover District Council explain to me why the extremely busy A619 heading west towards the M1 motorway is never swept on the west side of Darfoulds railway bridge and for the six miles up to Barlborough from Worksop?

Much of the A619 was resurfaced about three years ago, but I know that no effort has been made since to rid the road of loose chippings, debris and weeds gathering at the kerb side. It is a nightmare for negotiating two wheels.

As a regular cyclist I find this neglected and totally inadequate road a huge embarrassment to DCC whose job it is to safeguard the public’s lives and to act in a competent manner.

Just take a look at the disgusting state of the roadside especially along Whitwell Common, by the Half Moon Inn and by Arrow Farm too, the condition of the road is one big neglected mess! When will our authorities protect precious lives instead of their continual incompetence and arrogance which is being shown by those elected to spend funds wisely and effectively.

Once we were Great Britain, but now we are the laughing stock of the world, I fear with headless chickens running the show!


East Avenue, Stanfree