Why are they so against us?

why is Worksop council so dead against disabled people?

There are no disabled toilets after 4.30pm and it cost about £7 to buy a radar key. In other towns including Retford, radar operates 24 hours a day and down south they are free.

Now they are attacking disabled shoppers by banning them from the town centre.

As a genuine disabled preson with a green badge, I can only visit the shops and the banks three days a week as it is.

Since the market was put down the main street I cannot visit it at all now and I think it is discrimination against disabled people.

There is no on-street disabled parking bays at all in Worksop and the council car parks are too far away.

About 10 years ago you used to have to have your photo on your badge to stop fraud, but does anybody even check them now, I have never had mine checked.

If the traffic wardens were able to check the badges the number of people parking in the town would be greatly reduced including blue badges.

I have driven down Bridge Street before and have had people hooting their horns at me, they have even overtaken me with few nice words directed my way.

Instead of stopping all genuine disabled why not target the ‘I’ve got a badge and I can do what I like’ brigade?

Also couldn’t a couple of speed cameras be set up with a 5mph limit and fines issued to those caught.

I now have to do my weekend shopping at Retford where there is on-street parking and both ends of the main street.

We have to pay for our badges, does this mean we can have a refund, I don’t think so!