Where was CCTV before now?

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A report (National Press) by the Office of National Statistics informs us that of the 80% of people questioned concluded that ‘yobbish anti-social behaviour’ has increased over recent years which, us planet earth beings have been only too well aware of.

Then in the aftermath of the tragic death in Worksop town centre police Chief Inspector Steve Cartwright has said (Worksop Guardian) that extra

patrols have been put on the streets since Saturday’s events and Gerald Connor community safety manager for Bassetlaw Council reassured residents that the towns 32 CCTV cameras are manned continuously and operators can alert the police and other agencies of anything they see as appropriate. Very reassuring but, Worksop people might ask; why has all the anti-social behaviour gone unchecked over the past years

with young cyclists using the footpaths and pedestrian areas as a playground and motorists using Bridge Place as a ‘rat run’ to Ryton Street all in full view of the CCTV cameras?

Hopefully the situation may now improve.

Tom Colohan

(via email)