Where has the money gone?

Although Tesco provides jobs within the community it seems intent on dominating our town, the land was formally green space where children could play and socialise, we are slowly losing these green spaces within our community and Mr Quigley and his Conservative team should never have sold it to Tesco.

It is rumoured that the land sold for somewhere in the region of £12 million and that this money has evaporated. I would like to ask Mr Quigley where it has gone, I would like to have seen this money used in projects that would benefit both the town and its residents.

The site itself is unsuitable, the resulting traffic problems will cause terrible congestion on one of the few direct entrances to the town centre, this area already suffers with queuing due to the train crossing and junctions.

The Queensway and South Parade residents now find out that the car park will directly overlook their gardens and be on a level with their bedrooms, it seems Tesco will stop at nothing in order continue with its imposing presence within the residential areas of our town.

I can’t help but wonder what they will do with their old site on Gateford Road, I suppose it will be left to decay until a housing developer buys it. If they had any sort of moral conscience towards this town (which it obviously does not) then they would replace the green space they have taken from us and turn it into a park for our children.

In 30 years from now when this ‘new’ Tesco is as dilapidated as the Gateford Road one now is, I wonder where they will want to move next? The one thing I do know is that it will be very reluctant to do the right thing and move to the town’s outskirts.

Tesco itself has been known for tax avoidance, the level of wages it pays its staff are at the very least questionable and it has recently been embarrassed by its involvement with the controversial workfare scheme, the list goes on, but as they say themselves ‘every little helps’.

Matt Rodgers

(via email)