When will this end?

these complaints about parking on Bridge Street, Bridge Place will never stop. When there are no cars there the next complaint will be too many scooters!

So long as disabled people are allowed to go shopping in Worksop town there will always be these idiots who complain. Maybe it’s because they do have a brain affliction?

As for people like Mr Bacon, when I was as disabled as he states he is, I was working eight hours a day, seven days a week manual labour!

Registered disabled since 1984, unfit for work, wheelchair and crutches, unable to drive with heart trouble, I now use a scooter. With Asda, Farmfoods and Home Bargains there’s no need to shop in Bridge Street or the Priory Precinct.

Now for Grundi! Ernie Clark used to drive a Smith lorry, old type during the war. He had a wooden block on the pedals so he could reach them. He played saxaphone in different bands. One band was Arthur Royale at Central Dance Hall on Central Avenue.

Even though he was short he was still as good as any other man!


Hardwick Crescent, Manton