What savings?

I looked at the so-called proposals to reorganise the way the EMAS operate in regards to its ambulances and the closure of stations across the region.

They say they will save £29.8 million but when you look into this they are going to spend £28.7 million on the new hubs and strategic points.

What are these strategic points? These are toilet and drinks’ facilities for ambulance crews which could be at supermarkets or near public houses.

There will be two main hubs, one at Mansfield and one at Nottingham city to service and restock ambulances for this region. So when you get people writing in the paper about saving the taxpayer money people’s main concern is the saving of lives, money comes second, well it does in my eyes! Okay so there is not a bottomless pit of money but to just talk about savings, what savings? They are spending them on creating these so-called super hubs!

This just reflects on when the custody suite at Worksop police station closed and all prisoners had to be taken to Newark or Mansfield, we now have albeit ambulances which will have to go to Mansfield to be restocked after an emergency, what will this cost in time and money? They may say it will not happen but I think it will, then what to the cost of lives when an ambulance has to travel to Mansfield and be out of service. I hope these people can live with the consequence of this happening!

derek bowskill