What is situation of footpaths?

I sympathise with the people of South Parade with the closure of the footpath which gave them access to Carlton Road.

But I have to question. Why has it taken all this time to present a petition to the people concerned. I maybe wrong, but I assumed they did create a footpath round the site of proposed Tesco site but closed it supposedly for safety reasons when work was in progress.

I am like a lot of other people in wondering what is the delay in the building of the new Tesco on this site? They went all out clearing the site then everything came to a halt.

You look at the site near the college with wire fence and boarding up and wonder what is going on. There was mention of legal processes over the footpaths not so long ago which was holding up proceedings on the site.

When it comes to the council it has changed in regards to who is now in control both at county and local level. All the planning for the site was in place even the proposal of the site which it is now proposed to be built on which changed that many times at the protest of local residents.

So when it comes to the issue of the footpaths did they do the right thing by the residents when all these things were brought up or were they just brushed to one side I wonder? Time will tell, hopefully.

Derek Bowskill