What are these extra charges for?

In last week’s Worksop Guardian in the article on police funding I see our illustrious county councillor Glynn Gilfoyle is advocating a further special increase in the council tax to fund the police budget.

I would like ask Cllr Gilfoyle what planet is he living on? But knowing his pedigree as a district councillor I am not surprised by his comments on the subject and why he is advocating this proposal, as he was part of the cabinet in the last labour led administration at Bassetlaw Council that increased the community charges by 16% at one go, the highest increase ever known in Bassetlaw. The voters in Bassetlaw have long memories Cllr Gilfoyle.

I wonder if Cllr Gilfoyle has stopped to think why we need these increases but I expect he has not because he will not accept the truth.

Cllr Gilfoyle stands as a councillor under the Labour Party banner the same Labour Party that was voted out of Government 18 months ago which left this country nearly bankrupt after nearly 13 years in office.

Now Cllr Gilfoyle is advocating that the community charge payers pay extra to cover for inept running of the finances when the Labour Government were in charge, but nowhere in the article in last week’s Guardian does it tell the main reasons why this extra is needed.

I would like to remind Cllr Gilfoyle that the pockets of the community charge payers of Nottinghamshire are not bottomless pits and the last straw breaks the camels back just like it did eight years ago when you lost your seat on Bassetlaw Council. They say lightning does not strike twice in the same place but if I where you I should take cover if ever you stand for election again.


Ind, Bassetlaw NW