What a disaster!

So John Mann is exaggerating and totally wrong? Says who? Where have all the gritters been?

The Leader of the County Council says that they have been working to clear all A and B roads and major bus routes - so what has happened in Worksop? Have all of our roads been downgraded? When the estates are treacherous and have ice-rinks which the Winter Olympics would be proud of? Just what lessons were learned after last year? Everyone complained in January/February when we had the last major snowfall but at least we could get out before Day 10! After that fiasco Notts County Council said when the new budgets were set that “it was going to save money by handling all of the gritting centrally, that by distributing through the districts extra money was being spent on ‘administration’ which could be better spent on salt and grit, thus avoiding the fiasco of last year” so where are these extra reserves? Where have they been used? They certainly haven’t been in evidence much in Worksop. And the fiasco they said they would avoid, well A* Notts CC the fiasco of December 2010 certainly exceeds January/February of 2010, lets hope when we get the next lot lessons have been learned and there is some sort of plan in action.

I wonder what would happen if people who have been unable to get into work due to the despicable lack of adequate resources and ultimately haven’t been paid deducted the lost wages from their Council Tax payments, or when they have had a slip or fall on untreated pavements they sue the county or cistrict for the maximum amount. What lessons would be learnt?

There have been efforts made to clear some roads in Bassetlaw, and thank you for that, however, I think that everyone is in agreement that this has been too little and not enough preference given to all estates and major roads. What does it take for people to actually accept that they got it wrong? County Councillor Cutts says in your paper that “approximately 12,000 tonnes of grit stocks has been used so far, and that daily deliveries of about 200 tonnes is being received as well as importing 6,000 tonnes of road salt” where is it? Is there a grit mountain somewhere in the authority? How long will it take to receive that 6,000 tonnes being imported? Will it arrive before we have thawed out? The people of Nottinghamshire, and Worksop, need answers. Let’s keep on until we get them.

W. Waddell

Sunfield Avenue, Worksop