We need answers Mr Duveen!

mr Leon Duveen of the local Liberal Democrats seems to have a very low opinion of local voter’s intelligence. Any tale will do, spin as empty as a Nick Clegg promise!

In last week’s Guardian, he unveils his latest big idea “Yes! Yes!” We all shout, “What could it be?” That the council should write to the owners of empty houses and offer council taxpayers money to help to do them up! Mr Duveen, of course, has a long record of making dodgy claims.

In April I wrote asking if he would apologise to Worksop students for the Liberal Democrats betrayal over the grant’s issue. He wrote back saying that I didn’t understand it! He also inferred that the promise was only valid if the Lib Dems won the election! Now, sadly for Mr Duveen, Nick Clegg has apologised for making the promise but not for breaking it - so that’s alright then!

We’ve even had a song “I’m sorry, I’m sorry”, perhaps Mr Duveen could sing it up and down Bridge Street on market days?

I have been shown the Lib Dem 2010 election leaflet for Bassetlaw, and guess what, no bus station is mentioned! In May, just days before people voted, so no challenge could be made, he gave out a leaflet, I’ve not got one, claiming that the Labour Party had secret plans to impose a mayor on Bassetlaw! I’m a keen follower of local evens but I’ve seen no suggestions of a Bassetlaw mayor from anyone - until Mr Duveen’s stunt.

Naturally Mr Duveen has not felt the need to produce a shred of evidence for his undemocratic and illiberal scare story!

Ordinary people who go to work, obey the law, pay their taxes and bring their children up properly really are intelligent people, Mr Duveen. Until you’ve answered these vital, local questions Mr Duveen, you don’t really have anything else to say!