We just want common sense

The car park on Memorial Avenue has not been cleared of snow. (w101206-1c)
The car park on Memorial Avenue has not been cleared of snow. (w101206-1c)

For the last 10 days it’s been like living in a third world country in Bassetlaw.

Why are we paying Council Tax for things like gritting and snow removal when we are having to do the job ourselves?

It’s about time all the members of the council stopped acting like 10 year old school kids and started doing the job they were elected for.

They need to come and see the rubbish we are having to do just to get to work, and as for Coun Mike Quigley saying that he used to have to dig himself out years ago – it is total ignorance.

In those days there was just the odd car on the roads, and you didn’t have to pay £1,200 a year so that idiots could sit in ivory towers wasting OUR money on stupid things like new windows for a council that has too many secretaries and pen pushers that just tie everything up in red tape.

We are not asking for the moon on a stick, all we want is the basics like bus routes so we can go shopping.

We want our dustbins emptied so we are not throwing recycled stuff in the green bin.

You say it’s the responsibility of Notts County Council to grit the highways, so isn’t it Bassetlaw’s responsibility to make sure they do the bus routes? And isn’t it yours to do all the footpaths so people don’t walk in the road or slip on ice?

I think you’re going to have a hell of a lot of compensation claims for damaged cars and injuries to people – old and young.

At least they did all the bus routes in Nottingham to look after them, so a good pat on the back for that. They could even lay on a banquet for you all at Christmas – at our expense.


Manton Crescent