We don’t choose to be disabled!

re: indispensable, how dare this person come out with comments like that, my wife has always been registered disabled!

At first she could walk round town so we parked our car with blue badge on a side road so she could walk with her stick, but over the last few years she could no longer do this so we had to park on Bridge Place or on Bridge Street with our blue and green badges displayed.

Now I push her around in her wheelchair, I also work five days a week and look after my disabled wife who can only go into town when I can take her. Maybe you might be lucky and not end up like my wife who can only get out when she can.

Whilst on the subject what about the people who park their cars in disabled bays at supermarkets just because they cannot be bothered to walk a bit further to do their shopping. I have lost count how many times we have to park up and wait for non-disabled people to move their cars – it’s disgusting and they should be ashamed!

Mark Kinnell

(via email)