We can’t all be in wrong

walking down Garside Street in the snow an elderly lady was coming towards me. It had taken her 25 minutes to walk halfway.

She had rung the council to see if they were going to grit or plough it only to be told it was not a priority.

All OAP bungalows should be a priority. Is this what Kay Cutts means by ‘need not location’ – God help us.

Now we have the comments of Mike Quigley trying to turn a problem into political points scoring. People suffered all over Worksop on every estate with roads untouched – they cannot all be wrong.

For the grit to work you have to have traffic flow over it. How can this happen when Worksop grinds to a halt? Remember January? We had the same problem and the same people in charge. They’ve still not got it right. Do they know more snow is on the way?

Do not blame the people who are out there doing the gritting, as they only do what they are told to do, even if they have their own opinions on what should be done. The days of using common sense have gone.

These people sit in their lovely warm offices, when they should be out in the real world, not the world of make believe where everything will work out.

d. bowskill