Was helicopter necessary?

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Last week the air ambulance landed in Carlton and I was asked to assist, with others, in transporting the patient on a stretcher to the helicopter.

The victim had fallen off a ladder and it would appear he had broken his arm.

Having loaded the patient on the helicopter he had to be flown to a hospital in Sheffield. Later in the day I saw the helicopter returning to it’s base at RAF Waddington. I would estimate this whole operation must have occupied something like three hours. We were told the reason the helicopter was used was because an ambulance was not available (I do not believe there was any other significant incident at the same time).

If this is how bad things are now, what is going to be the situation when the East Midlands Ambulance Service is re-organised (when our nearest station will be the other side of Mansfield, at Kings Mill - which itself will be nearer to the station at Nottingham )?

Lindrick Lad

(via email)