Truth of the food banks

While we see the headlines of the local elections and the posturing between UKIP AND THE CONSERVATIVES OVER EUROPE the real world is outlined by the opening of the food bank in Worksop and the possible numbers of school children who could be missing out on free school meals because peoples circumstances may have changed.

It is as they say a sign of the times but what do we get from the people at the top is whether they can keep in power in 2015 while people round the country suffer.

A report just out says that people are having to use their savings just to buy food as their other out goings out strip their income. So as time goes on and their savings are eroded they then are unable in theory to feed themselves. It’s a never ending spiral and then they may have to turn to the food banks which when you look round the country they are growing day by day even in affluent parts of the country as stated in the column they are looking towards one in Retford.

The people who run these food banks need praise for the work they are doing because it must be hard seeing people in a way going cap in hand to feed themselves and there families through no fault of there own or there circumstances. So politicians get in the real world look round Europe may be your priority to stay in power with your party but there are people struggling to feed themselves on a day to day basis.

Derek Bowskill

Herrick Drive, Kilton