Trial contravenes Disability Act

I feel the council is discriminating towards the disabled. For a number of years I have PAID for my blue and green badges to assist me in being able to go to my bank and to do my shopping in town.

I have no family to help and therefore I find it a great help to maintain my independence as my mobility is decreasing every year. We receive no help from any other source. My other half works for minimum wage so we pay FULL council tax and bills and being able to shop in town is a great asset with what little income we have left and surely it is the best way to keep the cash in town.

If the proposal goes ahead, will I be receiving a refund of my payment as I am being forced to go to other towns and areas to shop and the green badge would become invalid?

I feel what the council is proposing to do under the umbrella of a six month trial contravenes the disability and the equality act of 2010. Under the DDA there is legal right for disabled people to have access to goods, services and facilities without being directly discriminated against or harassed because they are or associated with a disabled person.

I feel there may be an other ulterior motive behind the council’s proposals, that being of leaving the market stalls out and not moving them back and forth, cutting down on staff, if that is the case then as most people in Worksop feel the market should have been left at the top of town and that the monstrosity that has been built and will be under used should have been built where the initial plans for it were at the side of MacDonald’s near Sainsbury’s.

I try to go to town after 2pm as it is better for anybody who works and shops during their lunch hour having experienced this myself previously I feel that is the way I should behave. But it is annoying when you go as there are ‘youths’ both male and female who drive fast to go to the bank machines who are very abusive with their verbal colourful language when you point out that they require a green badge to park. There are NO traffic wardens about because they finish early and go around the Gateford Road and side streets area ticketing those that park without a residents’ permit. It is very upsetting and disheartening to receive this treatment. The amount of times I have been told to ***ing well get out my car ‘cos I’m a lazy *****! They should try living in my body for just one day with the pain this incurs then maybe they would have a different view on disability.

In a morning it is highly hilarious down on the Argos end to see staff who work in Smith’s etc parking on the badge area because they are on early paper sort and shop opening or husband’s dropping wives off outside the door of the shop that they work in. The best one’s to watch are the Guardian office staff who gaily cut through to work rather than drive round, these are the culprits and the ones that should be stopped! One Christmas from the November there was a PCSO permanently at the entrance to the pedestrianised area checking the badges and the validity before letting people through it was a much quieter parking and walking area and no cars driving a great speeds.

I understand this needs resolving and sorting out but once again the one’s needing the facility are being victimized because not only is this used to shop, go to banks etc sometimes this is the only socialization and contact with other human beings that we can have for days. This report concerns a lot of people and I have been contacted via Facebook by a lady in Scunthorpe saying that her parents are so distraught and she can’t do that much to help them that she is contacting Calendar and trying to get a petition going to confront this problem as her parents are very elderly.

I know there are lots of you taking the mess out of us the disabled and cheering at the report but this is distressing to a lot of people and if you ever get that you need help then remember what you have done. it seems quite obvious that the ones in the Ivory Towers of the council office are all able-bodied and have no relatives who require some help, if there was the report would not be front page news!


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