Tidy hedgerows

Generally speaking, I am very impressed by the way farmers keep thei hedgerows neat and tidy.

Not only does this ensure that their crops and grazing land get all important sunlight on their fields but also that nesting birds have a tight and secure refuge from predators.

However, as a 12 month-a- year cyclist (now in my sixties) I really do appreciate the extra space affordable to me as I travel the highways and byways of this green and pleasant land when overhanging vegetation is removed from the sides of the roads.

With very few (if any) cycle lanes in our area, I am totally appalled by the blatant neglect still being shown towards the main A619 Worksop to Chesterfield road in recent years. This is extremely bad as you pass the crossroads beyond Whitwell Common, it is long and lethal. Here there is overhanging branches, snarling brambles and a strong smell of gas! It makes walking or cycling hazzardous to say the least. Not having the road swept in years is also an unforgivable oversight too, especially when the heavy traffic passes by!

Geoff Evans

East Avenue, Stanfree