The real meaning of Pedestrianisation

when I wrote a letter in to the Guardian a few weeks ago about cars driving down Bridge Street, I knew that someone who was genuinely disabled would reply.

It is obvious that people who are abusing the system are not going to reply. So I would like to point out to Mr M. R. Faulds of Carlton that is doesn’t matter whether you are genuinely disabled or not, the fact remains that Bridge Street is pedestrianised and as I have pointed out in a previous letter that according to the dictionary Pedestrianised means: To convert (a street etc) into an area for use of pedestrians only. I repeat For the use of pedestrians only!

It was pedestrianised a long time ago but it makes me wonder if today’s younger generation know this because right from the beginning there has always been traffic going down it.

If you want to go shopping in peace without having to move out of the way of selfish people driving cars at you then try shopping in Retford, Mansfield, Doncaster and Sheffield. All their pedestrian areas are free of traffic and their council’s have the guts to make sure they are kept that way!

So Labour Council leader and a few of his cronies, take them to court over this matter, they should be ashamed of themselves because there is no way a judge or magistrate would make an order for traffic to be allowed in a pedestrianised area!


Leeds Road, Shireoaks