The facts Cleonomese!

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Oh councillor Cleonomese just what are you ashamed of that stops you putting your name to Guardian articles, is it being Labour or are you afraid of the facts ruining your argument.

Your issue with private sector manufacturing neglects the following as to who did what.

Which party put up corporation tax to 28% thereby stifling recruitment, only now are Conservatives reducing it to 20% When Thatcher left power manufacturing was 30% of UK economy, when Brown left power manufacturing was 12% of the economy. Labour also purchased trains, carriages and tunnelling machines and much more from abroad.

Businesses only succeed if they have a market to sell to. Labour introduced tariffs on our energy bills costing each household around £300 annually and where are the majority of wind turbines made, it’s not in the UK! What did the Labour Government do after Thatcher with clean burn technology or carbon capture, nothing. They would not even back a new generator at Harworth.

The Conservative Government have created a climate where we now have more people in employment than ever before; we have more people in apprenticeships than under Labour, tax allowances and state pensions have risen more than at any time in our history. They inherited a tick box NHS that was not safe in Labour’s hands and resulted in dirty hospitals, patients dying of malnutrition or being put on the Liverpool pathway to death. At the same time our doctors are paid almost without exception more than in any other developed country.

Locally Labour have inherited improvements within our schools which have significantly improved standards as even our MP admits so why do Labour and the unions not back our education secretary? For the record I believe spending someone else’s money should be a last resort not first choice, councillors should be paid expenses only and our nation’s debt should be reduced by the people who created it not our children and unborn grandchildren.

PS: I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me on May 2nd.

Alec Thorpe

(Address supplied)