Thatcher’s Yuppie culture

We have a certain person again standing in the local elections using the local paper like he did in the last election to try and influence voters with the same rhetoric.

Everybody knows who he stands for in the elections this is well known. He talks of who closed the most pits the stark reality is look round now and see how many are left and how reliant we are on imported coal. We heard last week of the Scottish opencast industry closing because of the unfair imbalance of import. I am not going into the argument on who closed more the fact was the plan for coal set up with all sides agreeing in the 1970s was ripped up by Thatcher’s government as she came to power and we now see the outcome single figures in pits left.

Regards to damage done prior to 1979 unemployment stood at 1.5 million under Heath/Wilson/Callaghan. Then we saw it rise to 3.25 million under the Thatcher /Major government they left office in 1997 with it still at three million. Labour got it down to 1.45 million but rose to two million in the wake of the bank crisis. I mention the bank crisis which some seem to forget. It now stands at 2.56 million and last figures released is rising by 70,000 so if people look at the figures were was the damage done originally to what is happening now. The YUPPIE culture which the then Thatcher government created in the banking and finance sector while manufacturing were we had 26 per cent on the world market collapsed and now stands at three per cent in the world market. We may think ourselves as a banking nation but what has it got us fatcat bankers with big bonuses the epitome of greed.

He then mentioned schools and hospitals look round there are new schools and hospitals there would have been more if the now government had not stopped the schools build program with builders still employed not on the dole queue. We will see more local schools closed under this government under there free schools and academies plan. By the way the funding is to be distributed or should I say lack of funding. With regards to the benefits bill the unemployment figures show who paid out the most to keep people out of work FACT.

Derek Bowskill