Teachers are not Lazy!

After reading the piece you gave a few column inches to last week entitled Lazy Teachers, I thought the Annoyed Gateford parent should be made aware of the following:

My daughter is a teacher at one of the Worksop primary schools which stayed open on the Tuesday when we were inundated with the white stuff.

She lives in Woodsetts on an estate at the top of a hill. After school, struggling through the snow to pick up her two children from nursery she attempted to get home. She failed to do so and as a result of the estate road to her home remaining impassable did not manage to regain her home until the following Monday, almost a week later, during which time the headmaster, NOT the teachers closed the school.

You may have made the journeys you claim but you did not make the journey from Mansfield by rail because the trains did not run. This of course was not the fault of the drivers, but ought we label them as lazy too as they must have inconvenienced someone just as you yourself were inconvenienced.

I remained snowed in for four days and being in my seventies could do little about it, and I suspect that I was not alone.

I find your heading of Lazy Teachers offensive and feel that your anger and indeed your comments would be better directed towards the council, which failed abysmally to make it possible for children and staff to attend their school and many of the townspeople to go about their business.

Are you also saying that the headmasters and governors should disregard the dictats of the Health and Safety regulation so that in risking their own livelihoods they should accommodate you and yours?

The fault lies not with them but with the faceless European legislators who also thought we should eat straight bananas and once more you should direct your ire accordingly.

The inference I draw from your comments is that as a result of school closures you were unable to attend work not having the necessary child care arrangements in place and your anger has more to do with loss of earning than loss of learning but to blame the teachers, well really, is a little feeble don’t you think?

Annoyed parent of hardworking teacher

Wrongly Labelled Lazy

You’re right. Teachers aren’t lazy, they deserve 13 weeks off a year. Afterall, working 4 and a half days a week, 9 til 3.15pm must be a real bind.