Take responsibility

I have a list of the 268 Conservatives and Lib Dems who voted against the motion condemning the forthcoming Bedroom Tax in Parliament last week.

Yet at the council meeting on Monday evening Bassetlaw Tories joined with Labour in their condemnation of the Bedroom Tax. Some may say we should be praising local Tories for seeing sense and opposing a charge that will bring huge distress and raise levels of poverty in our communities. The more cynical of us may say that with a council election coming soon local Tories have little choice but to distance themselves from their national party’s actions to have any hope of holding onto or winning seats in May. I say, if local Tories can’t bring themselves to take responsibility for national decisions and really wish to divorce themselves from Mr’s Cameron, Osborne and Pickles they should be ripping up their party cards and cancelling their subscriptions to their local association.

Cllr Jo White

(via email)