Support the No-Parking on Bridge Street

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Thank you Grundi for your writings in last week’s Guardian ‘Tail wags dog at County Hall’. How right you are.

I couldn’t believe it when the spineless NCC did their U-turn for so few people. You know the thing that puzzles me Grundi, where did these ‘disabled’ people park when they had their meeting at the library the other week? There’s only two or three disabled parking spaces outside the library doors and they are normally taken up by the NCC tail lift mini buses etc that deliver the service users who have learning and physical disabilities to the library every day. The public car park is quite large and could incur quite a walking distance. As said before by me and by many others in Worksop, I have disabled family (three in fact) and not one of them would dream of parking on Bridge Street. They ALWAYS use the Priory Car Park and the excellent Shopmobility facilities provided FREE OF CHARGE by Bassetlaw Council.

These people who are moaning are not the true disabled of our community, they are just plain lazy. I wholeheartedly back up, with a vengeance, all the letters in last week’s Worksop Guardian in support of No Parking on Bridge Street and yes, we must all do our bit to make sure that we don’t let this minority group run roughshod over us.

Infuriated Worksop Resident

(Born & bred)

Hopefully this ‘consultation’ will listen to all sides of the argument and then make a judgement which is for the benefit of the majority, and the few.