Support caring stores

I am a 73 year old Worksopian who over the years have watched as Tesco have constanly used our council to get whatever they want, totally ignoring the people of Worksop.

They are always the first to increase fuel prices and are the highest on fuel prices and instore you have at all times to watch their pricing structure, they are very deceiving in their wording.

How many years have they been playing the council and the town along regarding the supposed new store on Carlton/Blyth Road, a scheme which I can only see as creating even bigger problems around the station gates.

And now they are supporting the Worksop area by putting 400 of our workforce on the dole!

Isn’t it time the people of Worksop supported the stores that support Worksop and stayed away from such as Tesco, who have only ever treated us like mugs!


(via email)