Special access on to Bridge Street

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In response to the article on page 13 of last week’s Guardian entitled ‘We need to unite on ban’. I appreciate the views expressed by the contributors, but surely Notts County Council have completely missed the point by issuing a blanket ban to parking on Bridge Street.

NCC issue the green Special Access permit to facilitate access to the shops on Bridge Street for people with severe mobility problems. The ‘Blue Badge’ alone does not allow access to the area. Something that needs clarifying as the rules pertaining to the ‘Blue Badge’ are somewhat hazy.

To quote the figures in the article “One week day in December 2009, 40 legal vehicles and 90 illegal vehicles were recorded in the pedestrian area!”

Surely if rather than counting the illegally parked vehicles, the offenders were issued with parking tickets it would: Get the message through to the offenders and raise monies that could be used to offset the cost of the small army of workers needed to erect, dismantle and maintain the stalls and electricity supply for the market stalls on market days.

I am quite sure if charges were levied against illegal parkers they would eventually get the message, thus allowing special Access Permit users to alight close to the shops they required.

W. J. Collins

(via email)