Some of us work!

I am writing in response to a Grundi gripes dated Friday 24th May.

I read the Worksop parenting article which made me chuckle and nod in agreement until I got to the end of the article. Unfortunately the majority of said article is very much correct but on the other hand I live on a council estate and have to see this every day from the scourge of society. It is nothing short of disgusting their behaviour and upbringing of their children yet me and my family and banded with said like people because we too live on a council estate, yet unlike the majority I have worked since school for 14 years and pay our way. It’s about time people that have no intention of working are stopped from infesting our estates, every day I wake up at 5 am it annoys me knowing my taxes pay towards these leeches. All parents are not bad but unfortunately these types make everybody stereotype people who live on council estates.

Working council resident