Sign is waste of public money

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We all must appreciate that in today’s difficult economic times we all have to be careful not to waste money. This particularly applies to Local Government because the rates have been frozen on houses.

Adjacent to our house is a pubic footpath that eventually leads to Hodsock Priory. There is a hardwood pole and sign designating the path, this sign can be seen from the road and its stye is in keeping with the stone walls and houses in the vicinity. This sign was erected many years ago and was in excellent condition.

Today (Friday 24th August) two men in a plain white Mercedes van removed the sign by using a tow rope attached to the van pulled the sign out of the ground. They had two attempts at this before they were successful as obviously the sign was securely in the ground. They then erected a metal pole attached to which was a green “arrow” sign stating Public Footpath.

Because I was so annoyed at such a waste of public money I telephoned Bassetlaw Council. I was on the phone for 11 minutes 30 seconds but there was nobody available for me to speak to. I eventually asked to be put through to the Chief Executive but was told complaints had to be in writing. I asked for the email address of the Chief Executive but the receptionist did not know it. Had I spoken with the Chief Executive I doubt if I would have written to the Worksop Guardian.

I do hope that this letter is published and there is a response from the Chief Executive as I have just witnessed a most disgraceful waste of public money.

David Joyce

(via email)