Shame that it the was last act

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Friday 29th July and the crowd gathered at the Worksop Regal, just up Carlton Road, to witness the last performance of the “The Final Friday Comedy Club”.

We have all looked forward to this as it has provided monthly a welcome ray of sunshine to Worksop’s live entertainment scene, though with regret the word “final” in the title had a sad sting in the tail for it was indeed to be the last meeting of this regular event, perhaps another victim of the recession as falling audience numbers have made the show financially unviable.

Our regular host Antony J. Brown introduced the evening warming up the event in fine style and had us all laughing in no time. A couple of slightly late comers braved the trip to their seats and became the willing targets of his wit and banter. He had booked four excellent acts for the evening, in the persons of; Damon Brady, Dawn Brady, Freddy Quinn and topping the bill Andrew Lawrence, who was on his way up to the Edinburgh Festival and treated us to a preview or his fine routine. By my book he is a name to watch out for and well worthy of his billed quotes from the National Press. No stranger to TV either. He was a worthy man to conclude this era of the Regal’s interesting history. There were, as ever, several drink breaks during the evening, and the General Manager Mrs Teresa Cullen had provided a small buffet for the audience, which indicated just how devoted she and all of the staff and helpers are, who keep the Worksop Regal afloat. Who knows the Comedy Club may well return, and ASAP by my book.

Yet it is more to the Worksop Regal itself that I call your attention, run since 2007 by this small local charity, Young Potential. Besides providing an excellent Venue for meetings such as this, its facilitates many other events other than the comedy club, such as the Worksop Light Operatic Society shows and the groundbreaking Stage Life theatre school for people with disabilities. It may well be a sadly neglected and a surprising asset to our town. It is run by a very few staff, under the direction of Mrs Teresa Cullen aided by volunteers. It is fully equipped and able to offer a wide range of arts activities such as music and drama classes. All of the rooms are available for hire when not being used by the Charity itself for their own work. This includes two auditoriums and an industry standard Music Recording Studio plus the bonus of a bar, which can be used for anything from meetings to parties and catering, is available.

You have probably gathered I am a bit of a fan, as they have at last got me to join their list of volunteers.