Shame on you councillors

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after reading the Guardian report regarding the council budget last week, I was more than surprised of the outcome. Especially the results of our supposed caring Labour party who voted NO at Councillor V. Bowles’ suggestion of taking a five percent reduction in pay.

What about that residents? I’ll bet they get at least another £4,500 extra! Would the OAPs be able to manage with that on top of their allowance? What a result, shame on them with all the cut backs and extra payments for their introduction of the car parking.

Councillor W. Quigley’s suggestion of reintroducing the spectacular Grove and Rufford pack of hounds, horses and riders in Retford on Boxing Day to encourage families to see the grandeur, the children would love this! But no suggestion of a hunt during the debate. I read that Councillor I. Jones cried the proposal down due to the cruelty to the fox, when in fact he does exactly the same as many hundreds of thousands of men and women do - fishing with rod, line and hooks, isn’t that cruelty? A lot of sports including game shooting are all inhumane in my book but that’s life. We meat eaters don’t consider the suffering these creatures have to endure waiting to be killed. It’s similar to war time prison camps!

There was also a mention of reintroducing stocks, this would be ideal - to put some of our councillors in!