Schools funding report welcome

I AM grateful to my Nottinghamshire County Council colleague, Councillor Philip Owen, for setting out the truth about school funding for Bassetlaw and the county as a whole.

As he says, it is and always has been an immensely complex issue; a balancing act between primary and secondary schools where there are no easy answers. No matter how you slice the cake, some schools will always believe they should have more.

In such circumstances there is no fairer solution than to base your decision on advice received from representatives of the schools themselves, determined by a democratic vote. It is an approach endorsed by all of the opposition groups at County Hall except Labour, who clearly could not resist the opportunity for political mischief making. The proof of their motives is that they abstained from voting rather than putting forward an alternative solution.

If anybody wishes to read in detail how Nottinghamshire County Council decided the Local Schools Funding Formula for 2013/14, a full report is available on the Council website under the Policy Committee agenda for 14th November 2012. I shall include a link to it from my County Council web page. The most important point is that the county council is putting funds in place to ensure no school will face any reduction in the next financial year unless the school simply has fewer pupils.

The Member of Parliament for Bassetlaw relies on people not taking the time to read detailed reports and understand fully how such decisions are made. He presents people with a simplistic and misleading version of events to suit his own political ends, but he uses this tactic so cynically and so often that anyone with a modicum of intelligence should ultimately see through it.

COUN Wendy Quigley

East Retford East