Rope swing gets chop

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Once a rope swing stood in the forest of Sparken Hill but now it has been chopped down. “Why?” I ask.

I used to have many happy times going on the rope swing, but now it’s gone we will have to find a new attraction nearby. Me and my family have been going often to the rope swing for a year or so after my dad found it on a bike ride.

We loved going on the rope swing because we found it fun and enjoyable. We have told and also brought many friends to the rope swing and they also enjoyed it as much as us! Oliver my brother says ”The rope swing has been chopped down for no reason and I am really sad it has been chopped down, why was it chopped down?”

Was it chopped down for health and safety reasons? No one knows, all I know is that it is truly missed by me and my family.

Evelyn (10) and Oliver (5)