Roads are poor quality

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I would like to report about the newly surfaced roads in the Kilton area.

The roads were surfaced in a poor way. They weren’t resurfaced as in ripping up the top layer and laying a new one down, but rather covering the low quality road with a low quality surfacing. They basically laid down a layer of road glue or whatever it’s called and on top of that a layer of small stones/chippings or whatever it’s called!

This was done in such a poor way, it’s just ridiculous. So far that I’ve seen, the surfacing has been laid unevenly. You can see the indents where the underlying potholes were, which means there is still potholes. I’ve seen manhole covers and kerb side drains covered with surfacing so that water cannot drain away, or allowing workmen easy access to water taps. In some areas, there were bald patches where the glue had been put down, but barely any stones, and other areas there are heaps of stones glued into place causing humps in the road. I’ve also seen some of the road surfacing glue into place on the pavement and up driveway ramps.

Not only this, but Coleridge Road was meant to have been surfaced but at the last moment they must have struck it off the list of roads to be done.

Simon White

Osberton View, Worksop