Rid us of this carbon pig

Bassetlaw’s mobile market plan generates carbon, morning and night, three days a week as they set up and then take down the stands.

They’re running a tractor for hours every week in order to transport the stands from and to storage at another location.

Governments penalize us at every step with carbon taxes (duties, fees, charges, levies – whatever you want to call them) allegedly to reduce carbon, and yet our council acts to increase carbon. (I note that my local is now paying both a carbon tax AND a carbon duty. Of course, that goes to raising the cost of my pint. That leaves me with less money for charities because I’m not going to give up my pint and because my salary isn’t going up at all - unlike government salaries.)

The individual(s) who spawned this mobile market plan need to spend some time in re-education, I think. Talk about anti-social behaviour!

Let’s get back to the old carbon-free fixed market (a carbon-free solution that came about without government and without carbon taxes, BTW).

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