Respect our space please

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Replying to last week’s letter, I do care about genuine people with disabilities. I’ve worked for people bed-bound, housebound, amputees, MS and the elderly and have loved every minute because I care.

But it’s not about disability genuine or not. It’s about a rule, pedestrianised means closed to traffic, just like a wheelchair sign in a parking space means no parking to able-bodied persons or you get a £60 fine.

We respect your space, it’s a shame you don’t respect ours! Rules are made for a reason and should be obeyed by all. If everyone with a disability parked on Bridge Street there would be little room left for us to walk.

The carparks in Worksop are all close to Bridge Street, a few minutes walk which can’t be said for other towns.

Well done council, can’t wait for election.

Pat Blagg

(via email)