Remembering trip to Cleethorpes

with response to your Those Were The Days article on 31st August, (Day trip to Cleethorpes in 1951), myself and some members of my family appear on that photo.

On the left hand side, back row, the lady with the hat and the gent with the light suit are Mr and Mrs Yates who lived on Garside Street in Worksop. They were my grandparents. On the middle row, fourth in with the dark hair is myself Venise Hudson, I am standing in front of the gentleman and I was about 11 years old then. On the front row, the first girl on the left with the dark hair is my cousin Diane Yates who is about four or five, she now lives in Australia. Next to Diane is my younger sister, Cynthia Hudson aged four, with the blonde hair and bow.

I used to play with Mrs Brumby’s daughter in the back of their shop, she was called Yvonne or Pam I think.